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We are experts in human health behavior and provide consulting services to businesses, governments, and NGOs, leveraging behavioral science for better health outcomes.

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Establish a digital therapeutics business

No one knows your organization better than you and your team, so cultivating in-house behavioral science expertise will no doubt set you up for success with planning, resourcing, delivering, and evaluating projects, products, and services with behavioral outcomes, imperative in digital therapeutics. If you are ready to try out behavioral science with your internal team, we can support you with foundational learning experiences to get your team up to speed on behavioral science as a discipline and practice; facilitate stakeholder buy-in; and set up a behavioral science process that best fits with how your team already works and help you expand into the exciting world and business of digital therapeutics.

Realize the positive health impact you hope and strive for.

Behavioral science is a T-shaped practice because it can offer depth and breadth to changing health behavior at scale, delivering impact at individual, community, and societal levels.

Integrate behavioral science into your design process

Behavioral science is the secret weapon of a design team.

Anton Wade, Design Lead @ Habitual Health

Behavioral science is a process and at BDG we use the evidence-based IDEAS framework to integrate behavioral science with human-centred design. Behavioral theory, such as the COM-B model or Self-Determination Theory are examples of theories that might make up the foundation of behavioral science based products and services, delivered through a human-centred design lens.

Using evidence-based frameworks and behavioral theory to inform our process increases the likelihood of making a behavioral impact at clinically and statistically effective levels with the products and services designed.

Mummah et al. (2016). IDEAS framework for developing more effective digital interventions to change health behavior.

Build or upgrade national healthcare systems with behavioral science

“Behavioral science underpins having impactful primary care in Estonia.”

Riina Sikkut, Minister for Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, Republic of Estonia

Healthcare systems are navigating a variety of challenges and changes, including digitalization of patient data, making it actionable for clinicians and patients alike, and ensuring collaboration and buy-in from multiple expert stakeholder groups. Data privacy and security is of course a part of this challenge, as is big data analysis for the use of precision and personalized treatments and recommendations. These movements in healthcare systems promise us efficiency, scalability, equitable access, and more effective treatments. They also promise challenging stakeholder communication facilitation, optimization of processes across fragmented health ecosystems, and the risk of overinvesting in technology development that no one will use.

Fear no more, we have gone through all of these processes and more with several healthcare government agencies around the world, in Estonia, Scotland, and Singapore, and can support you in identifying strategic directions and priorities to get the most from your investment into your healthcare system. Behavioral science sits at the heart of this work for BDG, as we use behavioral science principles and process to design healthcare system restructuring projects, stakeholder communication, and teach local experts to use behavioral science for the improvement of disease prevention and chronic care outcomes in the long run.

Reach out for an introductory conversation about your main worries and questions when it comes to navigating change in your healthcare system.

Evaluate the behavioral impact of existing products and services

Whether behavior change is changing health can only be confirmed by evaluating products and services. Your team is busy and has to keep the eye on the ball rolling forward towards innovating more, selling more, engaging people more, and everything else that comes with running companies, NGOs and whole healthcare systems. Worry not, we can take over the behavioral impact evaluation piece of work for you so you always have a freshly updated insights stack of how your products and services are delivering impact, without having to do any of the heavy lifting of impact assessment design, data collection, analysis, or reporting.

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