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Leverage intersectional and multidisciplinary behavioral science to design and develop effective health products and services.

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    How do your customers see themselves?

    Customer acquisition relies on a deeper psychological process than having a positive emotional reaction to the brand aesthetic and messaging, although those certainly help as well.

    Customer identity and whether this aligns with your brand identity plays a significant role in consumer decision-making. It is not enough to just acquire the customers who already see themselves as people who would buy your brand to create a consistent trajectory of growth in the post-COVID world.

    We conduct qualitative and quantitative customer and market research using behavioral science theories to understand the personal, societal and cultural context of your existing and potential customers.

    We deliver deep identity related insights as they create barriers to or motivators of the potential customer making the decision to try out and commit to your brand.

    Do you wear your heart on your sleeve as a business and brand?

    Authenticity….that elusive concept customers and employees respond to more than any other brand metric, including price point. An authentic brand starts with an understanding of self within the organization. Let us help you find the courage to put your heart into the world, let your customers truly know who you are and motivate your employees with a meaningful message and purpose in the world.    

    We have coached elite athletes, executives and other ambitious professionals to identify their purpose and turn it into exponential success. We use high performance coaching methods together with behavioral science-informed digital marketing and brand design approaches to help you create an unwavering culture of customer and employee trust. 

    Are your products, services and offices designed for humans?

    User-centered design and design thinking are buzzwords that get thrown around a lot, but here at BDG, we commit ourselves to fully understanding every minute hesitation your customer goes through in your content marketing, onboarding and customer experience before they arrive at their buying decision. 


    In the US, Baby Boomers hold 70% of the spending power, but possess basic functional digital literacies, which are arguably the most important for new customers to be able to find you. Is your business missing out on 70% of potential new revenue? 

    Let us help you engage Baby Boomers and other untapped audiences with our truly person-centered digital marketing, branding and product development strategies. 

    Is your business strategy evidence based?

    Research and data analysis can make or break a company. Secure business health and longevity with the latest breakthrough methodologies in psychological and business science using Behavioral Design Global’s proprietary research design approaches and interactive insight reports. 

    Market research, customer experience and product-market fit decision-making is exponentially improved with evidence-based insights and strategies. Behavioral Design Global conducts end-to-end research and data analysis services for all business requirements.  

    Why Us?

    We care about your customers more than we care about you. That’s it. We are 100% advocating for your customers to have a good experience, believe in your brand and be loyal to you on the basis of a deep understanding of what they care about, what can transform their lives and where their attention is. You’ll reap all the benefits, but we will never put you above the wellbeing of your customers.